ESG Commitment

Sustainability is at the core of Arcole Industries’ activity

Arcole was built on the following principles:

We fight so that companies can keep and develop employment in France, thanks to sound balance sheet and strong and stable growth;

We fight so that all management decisions may be taken based on long term perspectives: strategic choices are always made considering the primary interest of the company, taking into account its social and environmental bases.

We fight so that a majority of employees may be mobilized and committed to the turnaround plan, because we believe that the success of the turnaround can only be collective.

The Charter of Commitments: Arcole is an active member of the « Association des Investisseurs en Retournement » (association gathering the major French turnaround investors). As such, Arcole Industries adopted its Chart.

Our ESG commitment is taken both at holding and at subsidiary levels.

Our ESG commitment is action-oriented and practical. Delphine Inesta and Quentin de Veyrac manage the follow-up committee, which is in charge of:

Determine the yearly goals

Review the achievements each year

Bring support to each subsidiary, by, in particular, sharing the relevant practices