The specialist in the takeover of distressed or underperforming companies.

ARCOLE INDUSTRIES has taken over companies active in the following business

Engineering and Manufacturing of equipment for district heating and cooling networks

INPAL (taken over in 2016)
WANNITUBE (taken over in 2016)

Manufacturing of industrial vehicles Companies

MAISONNEUVE CITERNE (taken over in 2018)
BENALU (taken over in 2016)
BENNES MARREL(taken over in 2016)
MEGA (taken over in 2017)
LAMBERET (taken over in 2009, divested in 2015)

Specialized transport Companies

SLS (taken over in 2013)
GIRARD-AGEDISS (taken over in  2010, divested in 2016)

Disaster recovery solutions Company

AAD PHENIX (taken over in  2015 divested in 2018)

Manufacturing of beer kegs

NEW MAISONNEUVE KEG (acquired in 2018)

Wooden frame

CHAMPEAU (acquired in 2020)
GAU (acquired in 2020)
CEM DIP (taken over in 2020)
TMB (taken over in 2020)